charles river photography | About
Gary first experiences with photography at age 10 was with a 35mm Kodak that was given to him. He embraced capturing the moment: from trees to the ocean while growing up in Maine. He studied photography in Jr + Sr high school and spend countless hours in the darkroom, experiencing the latent image on the paper magically appearing in front of his eyes. While in college he studied under his mentor Sylvester Cobbs and he helped him to see the light and gain a different prospective of seeing.
He taught photography in continuing education in Augusta Maine and Lancaster Massachusetts. Traveling New England and New York State photographing thousands of Children and Families was the start of his professional career, then graduating to High school and College Seniors and Weddings in the Boston metropolitan area.(Cambridge Studio, Westwood Studio, Olan Mills, Sears Portrait Studio, Waltham Camera Exchange, Photocorp of America). Gary is client centered, creative, approachable and has a knack to be unobtrusive when it comes to photographing Weddings. He is looking forward to blending stills and HDvideo to create Moving Images.
He will help you "Create Your Story".